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Johnson Girls On Fire

Johnson Girls on Fire

Hey amazing friends and family! We're back, buzzing with excitement and overflowing with gratitude for the amazing journey you've been a part of with us, Lexi and her family. Thanks to your incredible support last year, our girls had the adventure of a lifetime at Friendship Circle, diving into a world of fun from foam pits to splash pads and making precious new friendships. Remember the joy in Lexi's voice when she couldn't wait to head out to camp? That was all because of you!

This year at Friendship Circle, we're all about going bigger and spreading even more happiness. Just picture it: a place where every child, regardless of their challenges, gets to shine like the star they are, backed by unmatched support. Lexi and her family are gearing up for another unforgettable season, filled with activities like strawberry picking, trampoline jumping, and yes, lots of splashing around! “Every morning was a beautiful day with beautiful people,” as we love to say, because here, there are no strangers, only new friends waiting to be made.

We’re on a mission to make this year even more spectacular, and we're calling on your superhero support to make it happen! Whether you are donating directly or asking others to donate, every bit of love you share lights up our kids' world. This is about more than just our family; it’s about creating a wave of joy and kindness that reaches every family that steps into the Friendship Circle. So, are you ready to join us in making some magic happen again? Let’s make this year unforgettable, filled with love, laughter, and endless new possibilities. Together, we’re not just changing lives; we’re crafting a universe where every child gets their moment to shine bright. Last year was incredible - can you help make this year even better?
Julie Porter


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