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Sunday, August 27th
10:30 am Registration begins

The Meer Family Friendship Center
6892 West Maple Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322


Thirty Years, One Million Goals: Thirty years of Friendship Circle, nineteen years of walks, and now, one monumental goal: $1 million. This summer, be part of something massive. We're rallying 30 families to step up, aiming to raise $10,000 each and bring a crowd of 50+ to walk. Your mission? Ignite the spark, fuel the goal, make an impact.

Brighter Together - A Kaleidoscope of Fun: This year, we unite under the theme "Brighter Together". Dive into a day where every color, every laugh, and every step brings out the divine spark in us all. Begin with a brain-teasing scavenger hunt, race through the vibrant Color Run, and revel in a carnival finale with Nissim Black setting the stage alight. All free, all fun, all ages. This is where your individual sparks join to light up our biggest celebration yet.

Your Toolkit for Success:
Inside your packet, find the fuel for your fundraising fire. Ideas, strategies, and real stories of what works best. Plus, incentives that are as exciting as our goal. It's not just about reaching a target; it's about making the journey memorable.

This is Your Call:
Make history with us. Bring your spirit, your energy, and your community. Every step, every dollar, every shared smile adds up to something bigger than us all. This is Walk4Friendship 2024 - where we walk, we raise, we celebrate, together. Ready to make waves? Let’s walk!