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Getting Started


Sunday, August 27th
10:30 am Registration begins

The Meer Family Friendship Center
6892 West Maple Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Lots of our friends are new to fundraising, so you are not alone! We’ve got your back.  We’ve gathered some basic ideas for fundraising to help you and your family get started.  Check them out below!

(If you are looking for more ideas or if you are looking to up your fundraising game, check out Creative Ideas that WORK, Matching Gifts, and the Proven Methods of Friendship Circle)

Facebook and Social Media

Unleash your passion for Friendship Circle on the world with Social Media! It's the digital megaphone that can amplify your message far and wide. Create captivating posts that can go viral, share videos that tug at heartstrings, and use hashtags to join bigger conversations. Social media is your playground, and with it, you can build an army of supporters ready to like, share, and donate to your cause. It's time to get creative, get social, and watch your community grow!

  • Write with energy! You love your Friendship Circle community so make sure that your enthusiasm jumps off the screen

  • Shout it out! Give public acknowledgement to each donor with a heartfelt personalized message of thanks (and tag your friends so that THEIR friends can see and possibly donate!)

  • Tell your story and share your media! People want that personal connection with your cause so that they feel good about donating, so make it personal

  • Post your progress daily! People love keeping track of success and enjoy being a part of it

  • Set goals and challenge your donors! “We are looking for 10 people to donate $50 or more by Shabbos. Will you help?!”

Targeted Emails


Dive into the world of Targeted Emails! Imagine sending out superhero signals directly into the inboxes of those who care most about your cause. With a sprinkle of personal touch and a dash of strategic magic, you can craft messages that speak heart-to-heart with your supporters. It's all about connecting with people's passions and showing them how their heroism (aka donations) can make a real-life impact. Get ready to see your inbox filled with "Count me in!" responses.  We have pre-prepared email templates available to you directly through the Walk4Friendship website!


Direct Texts


Get personal with Direct Texts! Texting with your donors is instant, it's personal, and it's incredibly effective. You're not just asking for support; you're inviting someone into a story, your story, and giving them a front-row seat to the action. Whether it's a quick update or a heartfelt thank you, these texts can turn supporters into champions for your cause. A message can be as simple as “Friendship Circle has helped change my family’s life in so many ways.  Can you help my child continue to have a place where they are supported and celebrated by donating to my page today?” and sending the link to your Walk page. This is one of the most effective ways to fund raise, so don’t be shy…reach out today!

  • Example Text: “Hi, _____! It is time for the annual Walk4Friendship for Friendship Circle.  As you know Friendship Circle is where my child/family member goes to feel included, supported, and celebrated for who they are.  I am trying to make sure they are fully funded for the next year so that my child/family member can continue to receive the amazing benefits they provide.  Can you click on the link below and contribute what you can so Friendship Circle can continue to make a difference?  Thank you so much!  I appreciate you!” Include your link to your personal Walk page at the end of your text.


Phone Calls


Don’t underestimate the power of an old-fashioned phone call.  Connecting one-on-one so that your supporters can hear the passion in your voice (or see it in your eyes - thank you Facetime!) is an incredible way to make your ask as personal as possible.  Be direct and honest; you are asking for them to help change a child’s life and who wouldn’t want to help with that?


Friendship Circle Support

Friendship Circle has it’s own Champions of Fundraising support system if you need some assistance getting started.  You can reach out to and we will connect you with someone to encourage you and make your burgeoning fundraising ideas grow and grow!