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Sunday, August 27th
10:30 am Registration begins

The Meer Family Friendship Center
6892 West Maple Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Ready to go beyond conventional fundraising and get creative? When you put a little extra thought and effort into your fundraising, your donors will put a little extra thought and effort into their donations! Here are some of the most effective and creative ways to fundraise for Friendship Circle:

Bottle Returns from Neighbors

Engage the community by requesting neighbors to collect recyclable cans and bottles, then drop them off at a designated location (like your porch). This eco-friendly initiative not only supports environmental sustainability but also raises funds for Friendship Circle, aiding in programs for individuals with disabilities and special needs.

Facebook Challenges

Spark social media engagement with fun challenges. For example, pledge to undertake a humorous or daring activity (like running a mile in a funny outfit) if a certain number of people donate $50 or more. Or you’ll sing crazy songs online for each $100 donation. This approach leverages the power of social networks for fundraising and increases awareness of your cause.

Capitalize on Holidays and Special Occasions

Encourage friends and family to redirect the generosity usually expressed through gifts for bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations, etc., into donations to Friendship Circle. This method transforms celebrations into opportunities to support essential services for those with special needs.

Engagement in Special Needs and Disabled Communities

Join groups and forums for individuals with special needs, disabilities, and their parents. Share information about Friendship Circle’s mission and programs, seeking support while also offering educational resources. This fosters a community of support and awareness.

Donation Boxes in Local Businesses

Place donation boxes accompanied by informative materials about Friendship Circle and its impact on a family member or individual with special needs. This personal touch can encourage contributions from patrons of local businesses, directly supporting your programs.

Woodward Dream Cruise Presence

Feature a car with distinctive Friendship Circle magnets and a QR code linked to your Walk donation page at the Woodward Dream Cruise. This visibility during a high-profile event can attract donations and increase awareness among a large, diverse audience.

Flyers and Postcards with QR Codes

Distribute flyers and postcards that carry a QR code linking directly to your donation page. This convenient tool makes it easy for potential donors to learn more and contribute instantly, broadening your reach.

Partnerships with Local Restaurants

Coordinate with eateries to host special nights where a percentage of the profits from customers mentioning "I'm with Friendship Circle" is donated to your cause. This method promotes community involvement and support through a shared dining experience.

These strategies not only aim to raise funds but also to deepen community ties, increase awareness, and highlight the importance of support for individuals with disabilities and special needs.