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The BELIevers

The bELIevers

Eli grabbed the microphone after his 8th grade graduation ceremony. “Congratulations!” he announced to the crowd of classmates and all the guests.

As Eli begins the next chapter of his life starting high school, the Friendship Circle remains a constant in his life.

The Friendship Circle has always been the place where Eli is accepted with open arms and where we found a community for our entire family. As Eli grows, the Friendship Circle continues to grow with him. This is a special place which serves more and more of the community every year and we want you to be a part of it.

We ask you to join us at the Walk4Friendship on August 27th because this organization recognizes the individual gift in each of us that makes us special, and that is what our team of bELIevers is all about. Mark your calendar, team up with us, and help us celebrate Friendship Circle the same way they have celebrated Eli!

With love, gratitude, and friendship,

The Menuck Family

Eli grabs the microphone again while having a blast with his counselors at day camp!

Alison Oleshansky
    Allison Weinstein
      Amy Marvicsin
        Amy Newman
          Ariella Selesny
            Bella Selesny
              Brian Price
                Bubba Urdan
                  Carrie Phelps
                    Casie Menuck
                      Chaya Selesny
                        Cohen Dennis
                          Craig Menuck
                            Craig Singer
                              Crew Dennis
                                David Dennis
                                  Dorothy Diskin
                                    Elana Phelps
                                      Eli Menuck
                                        Erin Dennis
                                          Harrison Menuck
                                            Isabella Phelps
                                              Jamie Menuck
                                                Jessica Menuck
                                                  Jill Menuck
                                                    Jodi Weiss
                                                      Joseph Selesny
                                                        Josh Sacks
                                                          Kelly Victor
                                                            Lainie Sacks
                                                              Lucas Sacks
                                                                Lylah Dennis
                                                                  Mark Menuck
                                                                    Marla Singer
                                                                      Max Newman
                                                                        Melvin Menuck
                                                                          Michele Corin
                                                                            Mike Raimi
                                                                              Mila Sacks
                                                                                Miles Menuck
                                                                                  Natalie Corin
                                                                                    Nathan Newman
                                                                                      Nikki Raimi
                                                                                        Paula Menuck
                                                                                          Robert Richardson
                                                                                            Ron Weiss
                                                                                              sara Selesny
                                                                                                Shannan Burke
                                                                                                  Staci fealk
                                                                                                    Steve Phelps
                                                                                                      Steven Cohen


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