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Our Walk4Friendship 2019 Team Page

The BELIevers

The bELIevers

At the Friendship Circle we've found a unique kind of unconditional love and acceptance. Eli's love of cars, warm hugs, and infectious laughter are welcomed and invited. Eli is not only included, he's celebrated and given every opportunity to shine. You cannot know how important the Friendship Circle has been to our family, providing support for Eli and for each of us as we all participate in many of 30 weekly as well as seasonal programs. The greatest gift a family with special needs can receive is friendship. Our family continues to be extremely grateful. After the loss of our Papa Allen this year, the support of our friends has come to be that much more cherished.

Eli has made all of us bELIevers in the Friendship Circle!

Once again, please join our Walk4Friendship team The bELIevers on Sunday, September 1st. It's free, it's fun and it's open to all those in our community who bELIeve we can make a difference one step at a time, one child at a time, one family at a time! Last year we had almost 100 people on our team raising nearly $37,000. This year we bELIeve we can beat that record!!

Thank you!

All the Menucks

Amy Newman
    Anna Weinbaum
      Asa Diskin
        ashley singer
          Beth Hill
            BUBBA URDAN
              carly muller
                chase kallen
                  Chloe Blake
                    Cindy Diskin
                      Craig Singer
                        Eli Menuck
                          Elijah Appelman
                            fred singer
                              Gretchen Dietz
                                Harrison Menuck
                                  Jason Golnick
                                    Jeffrey Diskin
                                      Jessica Menuck
                                        Jodi Weiss
                                          Juana Sotiroff
                                            karen singer
                                              Lisa Weinbaum
                                                Marc Weinbaum
                                                  Marla Golnick
                                                    Marla Singer
                                                      Marli Bartholomew
                                                        Max Newman
                                                          Melvin Menuck
                                                            Nathan Newman
                                                              Nicole Miller
                                                                Olivia Pero
                                                                  Paula Menuck
                                                                    Ravi Appelman
                                                                      Rayna Golnick
                                                                        Ron Weiss
                                                                          Zoey Hill


                                                                            raised of $38,000 goal

                                                                            39 Walkers

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                                                                            1. David Stechow
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                                                                            3. GAIL And HERSHEL EPSTEIN
                                                                            TO THE MENUCK FAMILY , KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!
                                                                            4. Steven Katzman
                                                                            5. Gary Torgow
                                                                            6. Raimi Family
                                                                            So sorry we were unable to attend this year ! We love u very much !