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Alan Gallatin

Join me in helping Friendship Circle to provide impactful "normalized" experiences to the special needs community

As a parent, I am truly grateful for what Friendship Circle has done for Joshua and so many other kids with their own special needs (some similar to and some radically differently from what Joshua has to deal with). Through their programming, the kids have an opportunity to enjoy and benefit from programs and activities that help them to experience some of the same happiness that they would otherwise miss out on... as, oftentimes, "traditional programs" either explicitly or implicitly exclude special needs kids, or are such that kids with their own unique obstacles will struggle to the point that it "just isn't fun."

I am also grateful for how Friendship Circle educates and empowers volunteers, such as Rose, teaching them about ways to approach and work with various special needs, and giving them a structured way to truly make a difference in the lives of others!

Beyond the amazing impact Friendship Circle of Michigan has had on our local community, it has been an innovator and has set the benchmark of what "best" looks like for the other Friendship Circle programs around the country!

It is an honor to continue to join our community in supporting Friendship Circle's amazing work.


- Alan


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