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Dear family and friends,
I want to take the time to share about a wonderful organization for anyone with any needs! It's called: The Friendship Circle.. But I call it HOME. It's a organization and facility where children and young adults with special needs, meet a lot of new people who end up being your closest friends. It's where I along with so many other people, feel the kindness, love and all the support for life's challenges! I've learned just so much from being at the Friendship Circle by, either watching everyone interact with one another in such a beautiful way. It's unbelievable to see! To taking the time out of your personal day to change the life of someone truly special by volunteering. It makes a unbelievable change by volunteering and helping others around you to make a difference in their lives.. I've had my share of struggling challenges in my own personal life, The Friendship Circle staff, volunteers and participants are so great!! They really helped me by bringing out the best in myself each day I'm there, and it's actually helping me so much to see the positive and goodness I bring to this world and that I do matter to people. I'm so happy, honored and proud to be apart of such a unbelievable and unforgettable amazing organization. It really hits home for me and I'm so blessed to live in such an awesome community where I feel this community will continue to do amazing things and inspire all over the country and world. I hope that you to wherever you are in this world, will follow the inspiration path and make a wonderful impact and great difference, in someone specials life. I believe with all my heart and soul, that you will share this with your family and friends and keep the amazing change of making a difference one mitzvah at a time: in our community, country and world.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you will be at the 2018 Walk4Friendship!

Jordan Weinfeld

*NOTE: If you can't make it to the walk, any donation will make a difference!

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