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It all started for me in 1998, Matched with 2 brothers with Autism

Jonathan Abramson

Jonathan Abramson

I am reaching out to you with an ask to help me with this year's Walk 4 Friendship Annual Campaign as you have been so generous with my previous campaigns, I really appreciate your support. I started volunteering at Friendship circle 24 years ago and I have to give this organization the credit for making me who I am today. I was Matched at the age of 6 (in 1998) with two brothers with autism whose father you might know; Ron Hodess from Miller Canfield.

Jay was also 6 and Andy was 4 years old, brothers, both born with Autism. I went to school with both boys from the 2nd grade through High School. We get together almost every week to this day. From going to swimming, hiking, going out to eat, facetiming, boating, to going on vacations together around the country, they are my brothers and in turn their father became my mentor in business and helped me start Tech Johnny. But Friendship Circle does so much more than just matching volunteers with special kids and now adults. The Friendship Circle's newest addition, Dakota Bread, which now employs Jay among many other Special Adults giving them the opportunity to learn while in a safe environment with staff that allow them to feel included and needed. The goal is to bring Dakota's famous Challah to every Jewish community around the country very soon and while employing thousands of special adults to bring a shabbat necessity that the West Bloomfield community has had access to for years, to the whole country.

Dakota Bread is only one part of the FC Campus which includes the Farber Soul Center and Lifetown Buildings where Adults can become artists and kids can be kids in a special building built around their needs. I hope you get a chance to visit all 3 buildings very soon! In order to provide these programs year round to these Special Kids & Adults, each year The Friendship Circle raises funds from the local community. Five years ago Tech Johnny became a corporate sponsor of the walk. The annual fundraising event is called The Walk4Friendship. The goal is to raise $600,000 from the community and it can only be accomplished with your support. If you would please visit my walk page and make a contribution I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for your continued support, Jonathan



raised of $2,500 goal

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