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Team Soul Studio

Team Soul Studio

Please help us support Friendship Circle by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Friendship Circle's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!

GO TEAM!!! Because we passed $10,000, this week will be Spirit Week at Soul Studio! Here is the schedule for Spirit Week: Monday - Tie-dye Day / Tuesday - Pajama Day / Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday / Thursday - Favorite Character Day / Friday - Favorite Team Day. I bet we can get to $20,000 by the end of the week! Let's do this!


We reached our $5,000 goal and Elisabeth has been dressed as Frida Kahlo all week! We are so close to $10,000 and when we reach that goal, it will be spirit week at Soul Studio!!


Way to go team! Now let's make it to $5,000 and Elisabeth will dress as a famous artist for a week!


Ellen and Paige! Nice work bringing in some team donations today! We are almost to $1,000! Looks like Mia will be wearing a pink wig to Soul Studio next week!


Shout out to David Kole for being our first team member to bring in a donation!!! We are off to a fantastic start! GO DAVID!

All Soul Studio Artists and staff members are invitied to join the Soul Studio Team! We will have fun prizes as we meet our goals and if we meet our big goal of $30,000, we will have a MOVIE NIGHT at farber center! We can do it!!!

Aislinn Wendrow
    Alex Van Camp
      Alyssa Gold
        Ashley Shammami
          David Martel
            Dominic Hotz
              Dovid Last
                Forest Wolfe
                  Georgia Scopas
                    Gerry Seizert
                      Ian Wendrow
                        jackie hotz
                          Jeanette Fee
                            John Zook
                              Joseph Shammami
                                Julian Wendrow
                                  Julian Wendrow
                                    Kevan Shink
                                      Kevan Shink
                                        Kurt Van Camp
                                          Matt Fegert
                                            Max Van Camp
                                              Michael Lewis
                                                Michelle Chekan
                                                  Natalie Shammami
                                                    Pat Shink
                                                      Patrick Francis
                                                        Peter Enders
                                                          Randy Gold
                                                            Robin Shewach
                                                              Samantha Murray
                                                                Sean Murphy
                                                                  Shannon Hotz
                                                                    Sharon Last
                                                                      Sharon Lewis-Zook
                                                                        Stephanie Harris
                                                                          Steve Morris
                                                                            Tammy Roberts
                                                                              Teddy Fitzmaurice
                                                                                Tina Layman-James
                                                                                  Vicky Brown
                                                                                    Vivian Fegert


                                                                                      raised of $30,000 goal

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