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Molly Levine


Thank you for visiting my Walk4Friendship Fundraising Page! I am so excited to have the opportunity to not only raise money for, but also intern for the Friendship Circle this summer.

Friendship Circle has already impacted me in so many ways--it has given me a sense of community and meaningful work that I can feel good about. Everyone here is so warm and welcoming--it is impossible to feel anything less than overjoyed when you see the LifeTown full or artists at the Soul Studio hard at work.

Friendship Circle serves more than 3,000 kids and adults with special needs. As many of you know, my only first cousin, George, has Autism. Back in Florida there is nothing like Friendship Circle for him. There is nowhere for him to go when he wants to be creative or interact with others outside of school. I am so excited for him to move up to Michigan at the end of the summer so he will finally have a place that will help him reach his full potential and give him a community of incredible people. Everything I do for Friendship Circle I am also doing for George.

Even though I have only been here since May 22nd, it is beyond easy to see why so many people want to give back to this organization. In fact, I had the opportunity to help staff Friendship Circle's Patron Gala which raised more than $100,000 on only my third day of work. It is truly amazing to witness how much Friendship Circle inspires its community members.

I am putting in a lot of hard work and energy into planning and marketing the Walk4Friendship this summer. It would mean the world to me if you donated to my page in support of my efforts and in support of everyone who has been impacted (or will be impacted in George's case) by the Friendship Circle. Every donation makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support. I cannot wait to see the Walk4Friendship come to life on September 2nd!

xoxo, Molly


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Dear Molly ,So proud of all the good work you are doing.
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So proud of all that you do xoxoxo