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This coming Labor Day weekend, we are participating in the Friendship Circle’s annual Walk4Friendship. We are reaching out to ask for your support for this wonderful organization as they continue to provide important programming and services for children with disabilities.

Our son Jefferson is on the Autism Spectrum and has difficulties in social or highly sensory situations, as well as some speech delays. Those who know him though, know him as a fun, energetic five-year old who loves super heroes, going to the zoo, playing on the playground, reading his books, and most recently, cooking! He excels in some of these areas, while continually improving his speech and social skills, in no small part due to the presence of organizations such as the Friendship Circle.

Jefferson has immensely enjoyed the programming at Friendship Circle. With their Social Circle program, he gets paired with a volunteer buddy to play once a week at their facilities, which includes areas for Art, Music, Sensory, Cooking, Reading, and Building, to name a few. They also have a full on Village in the lower level that is opened up once a week to help familiarize children with some of the basics of society, like going to the doctor, bank, library, movies, pet store, etc. It’s really cool!

Friendship Circle is a tremendous motivator for the community to open their hearts, give of their time, and work together to create a better, more friendly society for all. It takes only a minute or two to sign on with your support, but you are giving a lifetime of support and memories for these special kids.


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