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Welcome to the Nickel Pickle Page!

Christian Cser

Christian Cser

Hello Nickel Pickle Supporters!

We are kicking off the annual fundraiser for Friendship Circle that has been one of our sole sources of support our son Nicholas (aka the Nickel Pickle) over the past several years.

Every year Friendship Circle has an annual walk in which it raises funds and community awareness so that they can continue to provide amazing programs, not only for the children with special needs, but also for their siblings and parents .The network of families we have gained through being a part of this organization has made all of the difference in the world for us, and opened so many doors for our son. Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization, and this is their one and only fundraiser that they hold each year.

Due to the Covid 19 situation they worked very hard to continue supporting these families via virtual programs. . However, after many months with very little social interaction for our kiddos due to this pandemic, they have this year found a way to safely hold their annual overnight camp which lasts for five days, and have even extended the invite to the siblings! All three of our children will be attending, and are so excited! With so few opportunities for interaction for ALL kids right now, this is such an amazing opportunity for them to experience a little taste of normalcy and a LOT of fun! Without this option, Nicholas, his siblings, and so many others would not have any way to enjoy their summer in such a way. This is just ONE of the ways that they have supported us through the pandemic. In addition, they have kept us in their hearts and minds throughout these tough months, and volunteers have put together goodie bags and even meals and delivered them directly to the homes of the families in the program just to let us know that we are cared about and loved.

Should you want to support this year’s Walk4Friendship which has been such a blessing to our family, please visit my page and sign up to walk, or you may simply make a donation in lieu of participating.

Also, If you click on this link you can read/watch an interview that our family was honored to be asked to participate in last year discussing what it’s like for families who are raising special needs children.


Nick enjoying camp


From Nicks friends in Canada and China!


raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Maria Reyes
2. DFX Logistics,India
3. Mary Jo Stewart
God Bless Nicholas and the wonderful work done by the Friendship Circle!
4. Harry Steiner
Harry for all at TCS
5. Sheri Janer
6. Greg Katcher
God bless and best wish for a successful year. Greg ,Joy and the Katcher family.

Team Nickel Pickle