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Welcome to My Walk Fundraising Page

Christian Cser


We are kicking off the annual fundraiser for Friendship Circle which has been one of our sole sources of support for our son Nicholas (aka the Nickel Pickle) over the past several years. Nicholas is now 13 years old and very much a teenager. He laughs at inappropriate things (like in Jurassic Park when a dinosaur eats a human), he loves his snuggles, and thinks it's hilarious when someone starts yelling. Nick still has many challenges that we face every day, when he is upset he will do self-injurious behaviors (that’s why he wears a helmet) or when we do not understand what he wants he will have meltdowns. I love the motto “Obstacles knows no boundaries” he’s a living example of that every day!

Hi Team, Smiles come few and between, we caught some fun ones on the camera yesterday and decided to share. Thanks for being on our team!


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