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Alyssa Gold

Who would have thought that Alyssa Gold our visually impaired child would find a home at the Farber Soul Studio? Bassie did!

Thank you for visiting my Walk4Friendship Fundraising Page. Your support will help give friendship to thousands of individuals with special needs and their families.
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raised of $1,800 goal

Recent Donations

1. Craig Lewin
Good luck Alyssa! Craig and Alex
2. Barb and Tom McGrath
3. Pennysue Laster
Pennysue,Howard,Macy and Maxwell Laster
4. Lawrence Buch
Best wishes.
5. Ruth Weingarten
So happy to see Alyssa doing so well. I hope my contribution helps in some small way to continue the outstanding work of the Friendship Circle.
6. Debbie & Matt Rounick
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Team Soul Center