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Team Julianna

We were in awe when we were first introduced to The Friendship Circle. Julianna was about 4 years old and it was a perfect world for her. The sensory rooms, the ability to run, the caring staff. We had to stop going though because the drive was hard for Julianna and Her schedule was limited with an early bedtime and school. We missed it, but we didn't realize how important The Friendship Circle was going to become. Julianna started regressing and we found out that she had excited catatonia on top of autism, cerebral palsy and other medical conditions. We can not find a respite worker or caregiver as she gets older and she needs someone to play with other than her parents. The Friendship Circle has given her the gift of summer camp this year and it has been the best thing that has happened for years. She goes on field trips to places that we would take her, she's with other kids, having a normal and exciting summer. This isn't something easy to find and this orginization is important. I want Julianna to remain a member of the Friendship Circle and I want other parents to know they are here.

Thank you for visiting my Walk4Friendship Fundraising Page. Your support will help give friendship to thousands of individuals with special needs and their families.
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Hope this help Julianna with her membership!
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Thank you for providing so many opportunities for Julianna!
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