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Welcome to Team Ellahvate 2020

Sarah Rosenzweig

Sarah Rosenzweig

Thank you for visiting my Walk4Friendship Fundraising Page. Your support will help give friendship to thousands of individuals with special needs and their families; including ours, especially during these unprecedented times!
Many people don’t know that since March, Friendship Circle has been running virtual programming six days a week, all day, for all ages and from all over the world! Click the purple button and donate today! - Sarah


raised of $1,800 goal

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1. Anonymous
Give 'em heck at the walk!
2. David J Hamilton
Gotta get you a little closer to Benji :-) Good luck! The Hamiltons
3. Ozzie
4. Kate Gottung
Love y'all and love what you are doing for such a great organization! Keep smiling :)
5. Anonymous

Team Ellahvate