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Cary Heller

Cary Heller

I first heard about Friendship Circle about 20 years ago. Both of my parents had died very young, 2 years apart from each other at around age 45. I was just a kid when they died, yet I had seen some of the hardest times in life, that anyone, especially that age, could see. Suffice to say, my triplet brothers and our older sister, did not at all have it easy growing up. Some years later I got a call in the early morning hours from my triplet brother Dan. Something had happened to our brother Mark. Mark unexpectedly and tragically ended his life at the age of 31.

This was by far the darkest and most challenging time in my life. But I was not alone. The Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House, a division of Friendship Circle, was with me for literally every step that I would take for the next several years.

Just writing about this time in my life brings some raw emotion and some very real, powerful tears.

In the darkest times that I have faced, Friendship Circle, their support, love, guidance, friendship, compassion, and clear focused direction… that they would stand by me for as long as it took… until I could once again stand up on my own—Friendship Circle has been that guiding light—for me, and for thousands and thousands of others.

This marks my 15th year as an adult volunteer at Friendship Circle. We help thousands of special needs children and their families every day.
This marks my 15th year as a proud member of Friendship House. We help hundreds of people struggling with isolation, social anxiety and addiction.

With your help over the years I have been able to raise tens of thousands of dollars to support this vital organization. So that they are there for the next person who desperately needs the kind of support that I needed, at the darkest time in my life.

One thing that I know for sure—that Friendship Circle has helped to teach me over many years:

That when I help someone else…….

The person who I am really helping the most—

Is me.


raised of $10,000 goal

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