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I would like to share with you something that is very close to my heart. The Friendship Circle of Michigan is a nonprofit organization that provides services, support and programs for individuals with special needs. Founded in 1994, it has since grown to serve hundreds of families and over 3,000 children, teens, students and adults with special needs. Every September, the organization hosts the Walk4Friendship, an annual fundraising campaign that enables them to maintain current programs and develop new ones.

I haven’t asked for donations in a few years sooooo - I’m back and I have some catching up to do - Will you help?

Reasons why I love the Friendship Circle:
Loving Kindness
Purple is the color
Welcoming to everyone
Theres a heat wave every year of the walk
A ton of caring for others - no matter who you are
Inclusive to everyone
It's safe - to laugh, to cry, to be yourself
They've helped my family in the last 10 years
They are spiritual
They have cool round magnets for the car
Always Loving
Always understanding
Helps families see the light in the darkness
They remind me to trust myself
Non Judgemental
A lifesaver in 2009 during Julians brain surgery
Made me feel like a part of a family
Thank you for helping give friendship to thousands of individuals with special needs and their families ~

Love and Friendship,



raised of $1,800 goal

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On my team LaFriendship!!!
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You go girl! Keep it up! Proud of all of you!!! xoxo
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