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Jonathan Abramson

Friendship Circle builds life-long friendships! 20 years later and we still see each other every week!

It all started 20 Years ago when I started volunteering at The Friendship Circle. A non-profit organization founded in West Bloomfield in 1992 with the mission to connect children with special needs “special kids” with mentors their age for rest of their lives. The Friendship Circle provides programs for these Special Kids year round at state of the art building in West Bloomfield, which includes 10 sensory rooms, a Gym and indoor town called “Life Town” which looks like a mini city with a doctor’s office, grocery store, bank, Movie Theater, library, pet store and more. It has crosswalks, traffic lights, literally lanes that circle the town for kids to learn how to ride a bike and cross streets. This city enables Special Kids to become comfortable with theses common stores in a controlled environment.
20 years ago I was 7 and I was paired with 2 boys, Jay was 6 and Andy was 3 years old, brothers, both born with Autism. Imagine how challenging life would be if you could not talk. I went to school with both boys from the 2nd grade through High School. We get together almost every week to this day. From going to swimming, hiking, going out to eat, facetiming, boating, to going on vacations together, we have become friends for life.

This is what the Friendship Circle does, gives special kids, friends for life!

A few years ago The Friendship Circle opened their 2nd building called the Farber Soul Center, which is an art center for the Special kids who are now adults to develop their art skills and sell their art. It also has a Starbucks Café and restaurant that employs these Special Adults training them with real life skills to earn an income.

In order to provide these programs year round to these Special Kids, each year The Friendship Circle raises funds from the local community. The annual fund raising event is called The Walk4Friendship. Which brings the community together to walk to raise funds to provide these programs at no cost to the families of these special kids.

This year the walk is Sunday, September 2nd! The goal is the raise $750,000 from the community by Sunday and it can only be accomplished with your support.


raised of $5,000 goal

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