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Welcome to My Walk Fundraising Page

Hayley Snyder

Hayley Snyder

You've never seen happiness on someone's face until you've seen Leila at Friendship Circle's overnight camp. The way she lights up when she sees her friends (even though she just spent weeks with them at day camp!) is unparalleled and a big part of the reason that Walk4Friendship means so much.

Ever since Leila joined Friendship Circle and started attending their programs and camps around 10 years ago, she has become a different person. Leila loves spending time on the campus, learning and playing and socializing with all of her buddies. But when it comes to camp...Leila becomes her true self and her individual spark truly shines. She is there right now, having the time of her life and we couldn't be prouder of her. This is her 8th summer of overnight joy!!

This summer, please join me in supporting Friendship Circle and their programs by joining the Walk4Friendship. You can walk with us on Sunday August 27, if you haven’t had a chance yet, please donate to our page to help Friendship Circle continue the programs that Leila loves so much, or simply cheer us on as we walk for Leila and all the kids like her. Thank you for supporting Leila, our family, and Friendship Circle!

With much love,
Hayley, Mark, Leila, & Sophia


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