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Hannah's Heroes

Hannah's Heroes

A mom's perspective: My mom has received immense support as a parent of a child with special needs because of Friendship Circle. She is connected with a group of parents who understand her daily struggles and can relate to what she is going through. She also can relax while Hannah participates in programs, knowing she is having fun and will be taken care of. Every year my mom and many other moms participate in the "Mom's Night Out" event that honors our Friendship Circle mothers with manicures, spa treatments, food and a reprieve from their daily stress.

A volunteer's perspective: I have volunteered at Friendship Circle for 7 years now and can't seem to ever leave. I was very involved in Michigan and after moving to Toledo, I soon found myself volunteering once again at the location there. I have gained a perspective on life that is so unique from my time volunteering. I have worked with kids who have had so many obstacles thrown at them and still carry around a genuine happiness and love for life. I even met one of my closest friends at Friendship Circle, Andrew, who I volunteered with for 5 years. Andrew is one of my kindest friends and through the years, we have grown together. -Jackie

A participant's perspective: I asked Hannah what her favorite part of Friendship Circle is. The after school programs? The camps? The friends and buddies she has made? After thinking for a moment, she told me she liked it all. I couldn't agree more with her.

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