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Catie Boldman

Friendship Saves Lives! Please help us be a friend to children and adults with special needs. Go Catie!

Hello Friend!

Thank you for visiting our Walk4Friendship Fundraising Page. We are humbled to help give the precious gift of friendship to thousands of children and adults with special needs, including our daughter Catie.

You see, when you have a disability it's hard to make friends. You might look different or sound different and people don't know quite what to do. Let me tell you something we know first-hand, this isolation is soul crushing. Friendship Circle changed this for us and that's why we HAVE to help.

If you can join us on the walk, I promise you it will be an unforgettable experience. If you can't be there, consider making a small donation to this amazing organization that understands ... when you have a friend you're truly rich.

Thank you everyone!
Regan, Grace, Luke and Catie


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Recent Donations

1. Regan Boldman
We love you Catie!
2. Steven Pitsillos
Go Catie!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Adrienne Mcnamara
4. Dianne Sacka
Go Catie! You are just as beautiful as your mom!??
5. Jill Iacopelli
6. Lisbeth Murphy
Love you Catie Boldman!!

Team Friendship Saves Lives