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Stride For Greatness

My family & I have a personal connection in valuing The Friendship Circle Organization. We have a child with special needs (Down Syndrome) and we understand the need for financial resources to help these children learn as much as they can so that they can function independently. The Friendship Circle is an organization that create programs to help teach children with special needs to soar higher than they ever believed that they could. My daughter learned how to ride a bike in just one week of the iCanBike Camp through iCanShine Organization, that is brought to Michigan through The Friendship Circle. We have been trying to teach Cierrah how to ride a bike, for years & she, along with others learned because of the wonderful techniques that was shared. The Friendship Circle finds the correct program that have specific techniques that fit the needs of the children, so that they are able to retain what they learn & move forward in specific skills. We are very grateful for this organization.

Thank you for visiting my Walk4Friendship Fundraising Page. Your support will help give friendship to thousands of individuals with special needs and their families.
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