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Dani And Ben

Dani Gillman and Ben Chutz

Families like ours benefit so much from the programming and support that Friendship Circle offers. But, it's so much more than that! FC motivates the community at large to open their hearts, give of their time and really work together to create a better, more friendly society.

Brodie was about 2 when she started getting support from Friendship Circle. Whether it was having a teen come over to play games or swinging in the swing room of the newly built Lifetown, Friendship Circle was a part of our lives from the beginning. Over the years she’s made loads of friends, both with disabilities and without, through the programs at FC. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Brodie has spent nearly every day on at least one zoom program through FC. She’s made new friends, seen familiar faces, and honed her social skills. She returned to Friendship Circle camp this summer and felt right at home once again!

We are raising funds for Friendship Circle so that they can continue to provide opportunities to families like ours no matter what.

Please support our efforts and know you’re making a difference in the lives of some very special people!

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Hope you all are well. Love the picture of Brodie :)
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Team Brodie!